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"wonderfully articulate and engaging... His discoveries and conclusions regarding the authorship question are compelling... a pleasure to read."
Mark Rylance, actor and former Artistic Director, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The De Vere Code

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A 400-year-old cypher unlocked, An epic Elizabethan love story uncovered

Many have suggested that the name "Shakespeare" was a
mask concealing the identity of a hidden poet, but
nothing has ever been proved. Until now.

In THE DE VERE CODE, one of the most dazzling encryptions in the history of secret writing is decyphered, conclusively establishing the true author of SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS.

After four centuries shrouded in mystery, this remarkable
new evidence also reveals the identity of the sonnets’ inspirer—the Fair Youth—and explains the circumstances surrounding the publication of the most famous love poems ever written.

If you thought you knew Shakespeare think again.


"Hats off to Jonathan Bond! This is an absorbing, beautifully crafted work, which provides what no other book on Shakespeare has provided: proof of the authorship of that most mysterious volume, Shake-speares Sonnets."
Charles Beauclerk, Earl of Burford, heir of the family of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

"A fine production, and exceptionally well written"
Roger Stritmatter, Associate Professor of Humanities at Coppin State University, General Editor of Brief Chronicles: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Authorship Studies.

"A good read ... skilfully presented"
Susan Elkin, The Stage